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Be Sure You’re On Your Way - With an FNA

What takes as long as watching one 30-minute television sitcom and yet can be indispensible in helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams? Primerica’s Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) has, for decades, helped families understand just what they must do to achieve their financial goals. And it’s true - you can get started in just a half-hour. A small investment of your time can help you make a real impact on your financial future.

Getting Started Is Easy

Set an appointment. If you don’t already know a Primerica representative you can click here for an office in your area. Reserve a time that both you and your spouse or partner can meet with your rep.

Here’s how take that important first step:

Set An Appointment

Check your local phone directory for the Primerica representative nearest you - or click here and then choose your state/province and ZIP/postal code. Reserve a time that both you and your spouse or partner can meet with your Primerica representative.

Important Information To Have

To help you get an accurate picture of your current financial health, make sure you have the following important information handy for your Primerica representative:

  • Your latest pay stub
  • All savings and investment account statements
  • Retirement plan statements
  • Company benefit statements
  • Life insurance policies
  • Education savings statements
  • Financial aid and tuition amounts
  • Mortgage documents
  • Loan and credit card statements

Because the FNA is personalized, your results will be tailored specifically to you. Once you have an idea of where you stand, your Primerica representative can help you come up with a strategy to fix problem areas. You deserve a bright financial future. The complimentary FNA is the first step toward the life of your dreams. Let us help you today!

Getting Started Is Easy

Set up an appointment with a representative near you.